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Benefits of Partnering with us...

Transparent and Auditable

It's who we are! IT consumers don't fully understand the EXORBITANT PREMIUMS they are paying on every transaction. You will know exactly what you are paying on every transaction when partnering with Paper Pushers IT!


We do what we say and we work hard to earn and keep your business. We believe in "customers for life". Acting with high integrity and a passion to serve others provides everyone with the best opportunity for great success!

Reduce Costs

There are a lot of wonderful people in our industry, but their outdated cost structures drive up customer acquisition costs! At Paper Pushers IT, we do not operate under the same expense burdens traditional VARs (Value Added Resellers) suffer from. We work for you and partner with your manufacturers to ensure you get the absolute best values for your purchase.

IT Leaders - Extend your Budget

How many projects did you not execute in the last fiscal year, or the years prior, due to cost overruns, from higher than expected final quotes OR from an unexpected reduction in your final IT budget?


What if we showed you a way to consistently save 20%-40%+ on every IT purchase?

Negotiations and Partnerships

Leverage our network and over 100 years of combined experience in the manufacturing and VAR (Value Added Reseller) industries to ensure you are maximizing your IT spend and are working with the vendors who best meet your IT and Purchasing needs.

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