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Why Partner with Paper Pushers IT?

The Problem

Business customers have been overpaying for IT goods for decades. Traditional VARs (Value Added Resellers) do not divulge the transfer costs of the goods they have purchased from the distributor. Therefore, they can add as much profit margin to the transaction as they want based on what the customer is willing to spend.


The problem we are solving for is the lack of transparency with the uplift the reseller is actually adding to the transaction of the goods they are purchasing. Based on our experience, the additional profit margin a reseller adds to a transaction will typically vary between 20% to 40% and more based on several factors. We have witnessed as high as 50%+ on transactions.


The customer would not agree to this if they were fully aware of this practice. Hence, the foundation of our business model is extremely DISRUPTIVE to the VAR industry and is designed for the benefit of the IT consumer.

Our Mission

The Company, Paper Pushers IT, has been in development for over 10 years and has been created to fill a much-needed void in the reseller market. Paper Pushers IT is committed to providing pricing transparency to end user customers by delivering products they need and already purchase at a fraction of their average acquisition costs.

Our Approach: Integrity

Transparent and Auditable pricing are key elements in our business approach. This will be extremely disruptive to the industry. We provide a tiered pricing model that is fixed for any size of transaction based on your contractual terms with Paper Pushers IT, plus a minimal per transaction fee to help offset some operational costs.

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